8/8 Robert Williams Frameback Razor - carbon fiber
8/8 Robert Williams Frameback Razor - carbon fiber8/8 Robert Williams Frameback Razor - carbon fiber (addditional image)

Here is the latest custom creation from the workshop of Robert Williams. This Modern Frameback razor measures 8/8 from the top of the spine to the cutting edge. This razor was very labor intensive to make. The blade was actually produced using a milling machine from a single billet of steel. This ensured a stylish shank and tang and a straight flat geometrically proper blade. Robert performed his usual magic in hardening and tempering the carbon steel blade ensuring a strong yet very thin cutting edge. Note how the frameback lays flat on the top of the handles. The spine, shank and tang are mirror polished with the blade face having a brushed finish. The handles are carbon fiber with lightening holes to give the razor good balance. The mounting hardware and wedge are stainless steel with the hardware being adjustable using the .050 Allen wrench which is included. The razor comes in a very nice snap shut clam shell jewelry box.

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